Why is descaling necessary in the home?

Although the minerals in hard water are important for the human body, they can lead to the formation of limescale, which is harmful to surfaces and appliances in the home.
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When it evaporates or is heated up, hard water leaves an unsightly limescale residue on surfaces.

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Limescale can lead to poor heat transfer capacity in appliances, thereby increasing their energy consumption. Internal tests show that just a one-millimeter layer of limescale increases power consumption by 8%.

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Limescale residue can become a hygiene problem because it can lead to the development of bacteria.


Limescale can damage ducts and valves in appliances such as coffee machines or washing machines and therefore shorten their service lives.

durgol or home remedies? What works better?

Unlike professional, appliance-friendly descalers, home remedies such as vinegar and citric acid cannot thoroughly remove limescale deposits even if left to act for a long time. Above all, durgol products descale faster and more efficiently than home remedies. Dissolving about 80 grams of limescale requires one liter of durgol express and takes about two hours. Dissolving the same quantity using home remedies such as vinegar requires 15 liters of vinegar and takes about 48 hours. durgol’s powerful descaling effect means that it can be used in exceptionally economical and environmentally friendly quantities. Moreover, there are other disadvantages to descaling with home remedies:

Direct comparison of durgol versus home remedies

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Highly effective
Gentle on materials
Easy to use
The Swiss Original against Limescale

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