durgol universal

A versatile and fast descaler

durgol universal (rapid descaler) removes limescale from any household appliance easily and quickly. Use durgol universal to descale your kettle or tap filter (jet regulator) for a fast and powerful effect. The formula guarantees a gentle, food-safe descaling process.

Overview of selling points


Dissolves limescale fast and thoroughly

durgol universal dissolves limescale seven times faster than vinegar  or citric acid; it has excellent descaling properties (750 ml of durgol universal can dissolve approx. 40 g of limescale).


Non-destructive, non-hazardous

durgol universal contains effective anti-corrosion agents to protect your appliances. The product is non-hazardous (as per CLP specifications).


Food-safe and easy to use

durgol universal is odorless, it does not generate steam and it does not leave chemical residue after descaling and rinsing.

Suitable for

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kettles, filter coffee machines, saucepans, frying pans, shower heads, nozzles, tap filters (jet regulators), fittings, vases, toothbrush glasses, baby bottles, sinks, chrome steel troughs, aquariums, etc.


kettles, saucepans, vases, toothbrush glasses, baby bottles, etc.

Depending on the quantity of residual limescale, fill the container with diluted or undiluted durgol universal so that it covers the limescale completely. Leave to act for up to 30 minutes. If the solution stops generating foam, but visible limescale is still left, the active substance is used up and you should add more durgol universal. Afterwards, thoroughly rinse the container with cold water.

tap filters (jet regulators), shower heads, nozzles, etc.

If possible, detach the parts and place them in diluted or undiluted durgol universal for up to 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water and dry any metal parts.

sinks, chrome steel troughs, fittings, aquariums, etc.

Soak a cloth in durgol universal  and remove all limescale residue. Rinse with cold water and wipe dry. 

For cleaning surfaces, we recommend durgol bathroom descaler and durgol kitchen cleaner, which are produced using a special formula that ensures the right consistency for this purpose.

Pour 1-2 cups  (1 cup = 150 ml) of durgol universal into the water tank and dilute with tap water. Let the solution run through the machine twice. Afterwards, run two cycles with just tap water.

We recommend our special product durgol swiss espresso for all automatic coffee makers and capsule/pod/espresso machines.

  • When descaling household appliances, always take read the manufacturer’s instructions in the appliance’s operating manual.
  • With metal, durgol universal must be used cold.
  • Do not combine with other cleaning products.
  • After the descaling process, rinse the appliance with cold tap water and dry any metal parts.
  • Use only on undamaged, acid-resistant materials.

Frequently asked questions

  • As a general descaler, durgol universal is suitable for any household appliance. You can use durgol universal for filter coffee machines (i.e. open systems) with no problems. For use in high quality, modern coffee machines (i.e. closed systems), we have developed durgol swiss espresso, which generates considerably less foam than durgol universal. The limescale is removed as the water runs through. It is important to limit the amount of foam generated in order not to cause excessive pressure in the narrow ducts and valves.
  • Thanks to its outstanding descaling capacities, durgol universal can be used very sparingly; i.e. at environmentally friendly quantities.
  • durgol universal is environmentally friendly in its composition, too: the reaction of the acid with the limescale generates salts that neutralize the acid. In addition, residual acid in the wastewater helps to neutralize existing excessive alkaline solutions (from washing detergent).
  • durgol universal  is characterized by its particularly rapid effect and powerful descaling performance.
  • durgol universal bio also dissolves limescale reliably, but it is even gentler on the environment. Our durgol universal bio is biodegradable at a rate of >99.5% within 18 days making it the more environmentally friendly variety. This ecological added value is regularly tested and confirmed by the renowned SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. durgol universal bio dissolves limescale at a slightly lower rate than durgol universal. Most consumers will not notice a difference between the two products.
  • Tip: pour used descaling solution or any leftover product into your toilet bowl and leave it there until you next use the toilet. This has the following advantage: acid residue can dissolve limescale and urine sediment in the toilet.
  • All empty product bottles must be disposed of in domestic waste, even though all durgol bottles are similar to conventional PET beverage bottles. Unfortunately, manufacturers of products sold in PET containers but which are not intended for consumption are not eligible for membership of PET Recycling Switzerland. This means that the durgol bottles must be sorted out before the recycling process, even if they have been rinsed thoroughly. 
  • Thanks to its outstanding descaling capacity, durgol universal can be used very sparingly; i.e. at environmentally friendly quantities.
  • durgol universal is environmentally friendly in its composition, too: the reaction of the acid with the limescale generates salts that neutralize the acid. These salts do not harm the environment. In addition, residual acid in wastewater helps to neutralize existing excessive alkaline solutions (from washing detergent).
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As per (EC) No. 648/2004 - Annex VII - Section D

  • AQUA
  • DECETH-10

A brief introduction to durgol universal

A kettle before and after descaling with durgol

International distribution of durgol

durgol products are sold worldwide by selected distributors. A list of our distributors is available here.

Customer review

Elena Stutz
As a plumber, I rely on durgol to remove every bit of limescale that’s left over after the water softener has done its work. durgol makes my bathroom gleam like it’s brand new.

– Elena Stutz –

Mächler Susanne
I only ever use durgol – it’s simply the best descaling product.

– Mächler Susanne –

Andreas Götschi
I use: durgol universal (fast descaler), durgol kitchen cleaner, durgol bathroom cleaner, durgol universal bio (multi-purpose descaler) and durgol forte (WC) – and I’m more than satisfied!

– Andreas Götschi –

Barbara Rychen
Fast and thorough.

– Barbara Rychen –

Bernhard Zeller
durgol universal is my favorite! I use my water heater a lot and thanks to durgol express it’s always clean in a flash!

– Bernhard Zeller –

Anita Höfferer
I know that durgol is good for me and my home, so I always use it

– Anita Höfferer –

Monika Osterwalder
durgol is great, it’s the best descaler I know – and the kitchen cleaner is awesome as well

– Monika Osterwalder –

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