durgol universal bio

Environmentally friendly rapid descaler

With universal bio, you can descale household appliances efficiently and minimize the impact on the environment. The biodegradable descaler has excellent descaling properties, giving you a brand-quality descaling experience without harming the environment. 

The “bio” designation is based on the following aspects:

  • durgol universal bio has been classified as “readily biodegradable” as it meets all the criteria specified in directive OECD 301E.
  • The product contains only ecologically safe substances.

Overview of selling points



durgol universal bio is “readily biodegradable” at a rate of >99.5% within 18 days as per SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS (OECD-301E test method). Free from perfumes, dyes and preservatives.


High descaling capacity

500 ml of durgol universal bio can dissolve approx. 30 g of limescale. Five times faster than citric acid or vinegar.


Safe to use, gentle on your appliances

durgol universal bio contains effective corrosion protection, making it particularly gentle on your appliances. The product is also food-safe, meaning that it does not leave chemical residue after descaling and rinsing.

Suitable for

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kettles, filter coffee machines, saucepans, frying pans, shower heads, nozzles, tap filters (jet regulators), fittings, vases, toothbrush glasses, baby bottles, sinks, chrome steel troughs, aquariums, etc.


The correct dosage saves money and protects the environment. Depending on the amount of limescale to be removed, use the biodegradable descaler either undiluted or diluted with water at a 1:1 ratio.

kettles, water jugs, saucepans, vases, flowerpots, pet food dishes, etc.

Depending on the quantity of residual limescale, fill the container with diluted or undiluted durgol universal bio so that it covers the limescale completely. Leave to act for up to 30 minutes. If the solution stops generating foam, but visible limescale is still left, the active substance is used up and you should add more durgol universal bio. Rinse thoroughly.

To dissolve external limescale residue, place the pot in a larger container and proceed as described above. Then rinse the container thoroughly with water.

Place in a container filled with durgol universal bio for up to 30 minutes. Afterwards, rinse with water.

filter coffee machines, air humidifiers, etc.

Please read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Always use durgol universal bio cold. Do not mix with other cleaning or washing products. Use only on undamaged, acid-resistant materials. If in doubt, test on a concealed area first.

Frequently asked questions

  • durgol universal  is characterized by its particularly rapid effect and powerful descaling performance.
  • durgol universal bio also dissolves limescale reliably, but it is even gentler on the environment. Our durgol universal bio is biodegradable at a rate of >99.5% within 18 days making it the more environmentally friendly variety. This ecological added value is regularly tested and confirmed by the renowned SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. durgol universal bio dissolves limescale at a slightly lower rate than durgol universal. Most consumers will not notice a difference between the two products.
  • durgol universal bio reliably and gently removes limescale from any household appliance with a minimal environmental impact. durgol universal bio is >99.5% biodegradable within 18 days and meets the criteria of “ready biodegradability”, as per directive OECD 301E (verified by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS). In addition, durgol universal bio is free from unnecessary substances, such as perfumes, dyes and preservatives.
  • The classification “readily biodegradable” is the highest grade of biodegradability. It is regularly tested and confirmed by the renowned SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. These regular checks ensure that durgol universal bio meets the strict test parameters continuously and permanently. More information is available here.
  • During the development of the product, we attached particular attention to achieving a fast and gentle, yet powerful descaling effect. Strict regulations made this task extremely difficult. But we succeeded. The result is a product that is as powerful as other descalers, while also in compliance with all required environmental criteria.
  • Tip: pour used descaling solution or any leftover product into your toilet bowl and leave it there until you next use the toilet. This has the following advantage: acid residue can dissolve limescale and urine sediment in the toilet.
  • All empty product bottles must be disposed of in domestic waste, even though all durgol bottles are similar to conventional PET beverage bottles. Unfortunately, manufacturers of products sold in PET containers but which are not intended for consumption are not eligible for membership of PET Recycling Switzerland. This means that the durgol bottles must be sorted out before the recycling process, even if they have been rinsed thoroughly. 
More frequently asked questions


As per (EC) No. 648/2004 - Annex VII - Section D

  • AQUA

A shower head before and after descaling with durgol

International distribution of durgol

durgol products are sold worldwide by selected distributors. A list of our distributors is available here.

Customer review

Mächler Susanne
I only ever use durgol – it’s simply the best descaling product.

– Mächler Susanne –

Andreas Götschi
I use: durgol universal (fast descaler), durgol kitchen cleaner, durgol bathroom cleaner, durgol universal bio (multi-purpose descaler) and durgol forte (WC) – and I’m more than satisfied!

– Andreas Götschi –

Barbara Rychen
Fast and thorough.

– Barbara Rychen –

Anita Höfferer
I know that durgol is good for me and my home, so I always use it

– Anita Höfferer –

Monika Osterwalder
durgol is great, it’s the best descaler I know – and the kitchen cleaner is awesome as well

– Monika Osterwalder –

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