durgol swiss steamer

Special descaler for steamers / steam cookers

durgol swiss steamer effortlessly, rapidly and safely descales high quality steamers and steam cookers of any brand. This ensures optimal functionality and extends the service life of your appliance. durgol swiss steamer is designed in particular for the efficient descaling of steamers and steam cookers, and is equally suitable for steam heaters, boiler evaporators and water tanks.

Overview of selling points


Easy to use and suitable for any steamer/steam cooker

durgol swiss steamer guarantees rapid and effortless descaling without requiring additional reaction time. One dose, i.e. one bottle, of durgol swiss steamer is designed to clean your steamer completely, using the descaling program of the appliance.


Ensures optimal food quality

durgol swiss steamer ensures that your cooked food is of the highest quality and does not leave any residue in the appliance. After descaling and rinsing, the steamer is fully food-safe.


Extends the service life of your steamer/steam cooker

durgol swiss steamer is based on a special protection and care formula that extends the service life of your steamer.

Suitable for


steamers, steam cookers

durgol swiss steamer is not suitable for commercial kitchen appliances with a fixed water supply.


We recommend that you descale your steamer regularly and before a large amount of limescale has accumulated. Please follow the instructions for your steamer when descaling and rinsing.

Frequently asked questions

  • No. Please use the special descaler durgol swiss steamer. Steamers have very specific descaling requirements that must be adhered to. The special formula of durgol swiss steamer prevents the generation of foam, which would otherwise damage your device.
  • Limescale inside the appliance impedes the transfer of heat and increases the cooking time, which can have a negative impact on the quality of your cooked food.
  • Over time, limescale accumulates inside the machine and may damaging the heating unit. It also has a corrosive effect on the components of your steamer. These effects can damage the machine.
  • Limescale increases the energy consumption of your steamer, which places a greater burden on the environment.

We recommend that you descale your coffee machine regularly and before excessive amounts of limescale can accumulate
=> To ensure the highest quality of your food and a long service life for your steamer.

  • Tip: pour used descaling solution or any leftover product into your toilet bowl and leave it there until you next use the toilet. This has the following advantage: acid residue can dissolve limescale and urine sediment in the toilet.
  • All empty product bottles must be disposed of in domestic waste, even though all durgol bottles are similar to conventional PET beverage bottles. Unfortunately, manufacturers of products sold in PET containers but which are not intended for consumption are not eligible for membership of PET Recycling Switzerland. This means that the durgol bottles must be sorted out before the recycling process, even if they have been rinsed thoroughly. 
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As per (EC) No. 648/2004 - Annex VII - Section D

  • AQUA

International distribution of durgol

durgol products are sold worldwide by selected distributors. A list of our distributors is available here.

Customer review

Keusch Nadja
durgol is the best descaler for the steamer, and it has the perfect measure!

– Keusch Nadja –

Mächler Susanne
I only ever use durgol – it’s simply the best descaling product.

– Mächler Susanne –

Barbara Rychen
Fast and thorough.

– Barbara Rychen –

Anita Höfferer
I know that durgol is good for me and my home, so I always use it

– Anita Höfferer –

Monika Osterwalder
durgol is great, it’s the best descaler I know – and the kitchen cleaner is awesome as well

– Monika Osterwalder –

The perfect product for any descaling job

With durgol, limescale is no problem. Find the right product here.
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