durgol swiss espresso

Special descaler for all types of coffee machine

durgol swiss espresso descales all brands and types of coffee machine. It extends the service life of your coffee machine and improves the quality of your coffee. Our durgol swiss espresso special descaler is suitable for all fully automatic coffee machines and capsule/pod/espresso machines, making it the ideal solution for perfect coffee.

Overview of selling points


Pre-portioned and suitable for any coffee machine

durgol swiss espresso is easy and safe to use. One dose – i.e. one 125 ml bottle – is designed to descale your coffee machine completely, easily and rapidly without requiring any further time.


Highly effective and hygienic cleaning

durgol swiss espresso has great descaling power and ensures hygienic cleanliness. Its proven hygienic cleaning effect leaves no residue inside the machine. After descaling and subsequent rinsing, the machine is fully food-safe.


Extends the service life of your coffee machine

Thanks to its special protection and care formula, durgol swiss espresso extends the service life of your coffee machine. It also ensures the best quality for your coffee, thanks to its powerful descaling effect.

Suitable for

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fully automatic coffee machines, capsule and pod systems, filter systems, espresso machines of all types and brands


We recommend that you descale your coffee machine regularly and before a large amount of limescale has accumulated – ideally, every three months. Please follow the instructions for your coffee machine when descaling and rinsing.

Video how to descale coffee machine in 3 simple steps:

Frequently asked questions

  • As a general descaler, durgol universal is suitable for any household appliance. You can use durgol universal for filter coffee machines (i.e. open systems) with no problems. For use in high quality, modern coffee machines (i.e. closed systems), we have developed durgol swiss espresso, which generates considerably less foam than durgol universal. The limescale is removed as the water runs through. It is important to limit the amount of foam generated in order not to cause excessive pressure in the narrow ducts and valves.
  • Limescale inside the machine increases the brewing time and impedes the heat transfer, thus lowering the quality of your coffee.
  • Over time, limescale accumulates inside the machine and eventually blocks it entirely. It also has a corrosive effect on the components of your coffee machine. These effects can damage the machine.
  • Limescale increases the energy consumption of your coffee machine, which places a greater burden on the environment.

We recommend that you descale your coffee machine regularly and before excessive amounts of limescale can accumulate – ideally, every three months.
=> To ensure the highest quality of coffee and a long service life for your machine.

  • Tip: pour used descaling solution or any leftover product into your toilet bowl and leave it there until you next use the toilet. This has the following advantage: acid residue can dissolve limescale and urine sediment in the toilet.
  • All empty product bottles must be disposed of in domestic waste, even though all durgol bottles are similar to conventional PET beverage bottles. Unfortunately, manufacturers of products sold in PET containers but which are not intended for consumption are not eligible for membership of PET Recycling Switzerland. This means that the durgol bottles must be sorted out before the recycling process, even if they have been rinsed thoroughly. 
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As per (EC) No. 648/2004 - Annex VII - Section D

  • AQUA

Test result of Haus & Garten Test

In an independent test by Haus & Garten, durgol swiss espresso was awarded the result “very good” (Source: test of liquid descalers by the magazine Haus & Garten Test, issue 1/2015).

durgol swiss espresso at a glance

A coffee machine before and after descaling with durgol

International distribution of durgol

durgol products are sold worldwide by selected distributors. A list of our distributors is available here.

Customer review

Rebecca Krüsi
I love durgol swiss espresso. The coffee simply tastes better again after the descaling process, and thanks to durgol, my coffee machine will last for longer, too.

– Rebecca Krüsi –

Mächler Susanne
I only ever use durgol – it’s simply the best descaling product.

– Mächler Susanne –

Anita Höfferer
I know that durgol is good for me and my home, so I always use it

– Anita Höfferer –

Renate Ribler
If it weren’t for durgol, coffee would have stopped coming out of my machine long ago and that would have been bad

– Renate Ribler –

Monika Osterwalder
durgol is great, it’s the best descaler I know – and the kitchen cleaner is awesome as well

– Monika Osterwalder –

Three expert tips for coffee machine maintenance

  1. Descale your coffee machine every three months with durgol swiss espresso 

  2. In between descaling sessions, clean the water tank with washing-up liquid to prevent bacteria from accumulating. 
  3. Avoid household remedies, such as citric acid or vinegar, as they are less efficient and usually do not remove limescale completely.

The perfect product for any descaling job

With durgol, limescale is no problem. Find the right product here.
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