durgol forte

A powerful descaler for sanitation and construction areas

durgol forte allows you to remove particularly stubborn limescale and urine sediment. This powerful tool against limescale is recommended for use in sanitation and construction environments, in particular.

Important: durgol forte does not contain any corrosion protection and is therefore unsuitable for use with metal. To clean appliances with metal parts, we recommend durgol universal.

Overview of selling points


Outstanding descaling power

1 liter of durgol forte can dissolve approx. 135 g of limescale.


Removes particularly stubborn limescale and urine sediment

durgol forte effectively cleans areas that are severely contaminated with limescale and urine sediment.


Rapid effect

durgol forte cleans approx. 20 times faster than vinegar or citric acid.

Suitable for

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tiles, panels, garden paths, terraces, toilet bowls, urinals, flowerpots, clay pots


Removal of cement residue; i.e. final cleaning by acidification as a last step when laying panels, after curing of the sealant, and to remove limescale or efflorescence. Before starting, wet joints and highly absorbent panels thoroughly with cold water. Dilute durgol forte at a 1: 3 ratio (durgol: water). Apply the solution evenly with a cloth or brush, then leave it to act for five minutes. Do not allow the solution to dry. Thoroughly scrub the surface. Rinse immediately with plenty of cold water. Rinse the cloth or sponge frequently and always use clear water. Repeat if necessary. Allow to dry completely. When treating larger surfaces, work on sections of max. 4 m2 at a time. One 1,000 ml bottle of durgol forte cleans an area of approximately 20 m2 to 60 m2, depending on the level of contamination.

Removal of stubborn limescale and urine sediment (yellow streaks) Add approx. 3 dl to the water in the toilet bowl. Leave the solution to take effect for as long as necessary; brush and flush. If there are yellow streaks or particularly stubborn residue in your toilet, apply durgol forte using a soaked cloth, allow the product to take effect for up to 30 minutes, then brush and flush. If necessary, also descale your cistern (attention: if the cistern has metal screws, use durgol universal instead of durgol forte).

Removing limescale: use cold water to moisten the clay pot thoroughly. Dilute durgol forte at a 1:1 ratio (durgol: water). Pour the solution into the pot so that it covers all the limescale. Leave to act for up to 30 minutes. To dissolve external limescale residue, place the pot in a larger container and proceed as described. Then rinse the container thoroughly with water.

  • durgol forte does not contain any corrosion protection and is therefore unsuitable for use with metal. To clean appliances with metal parts, we recommend durgol universal.
  • Before using durgol forte, always read the warning note on the product label.
  • Always use durgol forte cold.
  • Do not combine with other cleaning products.

Frequently asked questions

  • Tip: pour used descaling solution or any leftover product into your toilet bowl and leave it there until you next use the toilet. This has the following advantage: acid residue can dissolve limescale and urine sediment in the toilet.
  • All empty product bottles must be disposed of in domestic waste, even though all durgol bottles are similar to conventional PET beverage bottles. Unfortunately, manufacturers of products sold in PET containers but which are not intended for consumption are not eligible for membership of PET Recycling Switzerland. This means that the durgol bottles must be sorted out before the recycling process, even if they have been rinsed thoroughly. 
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As per (EC) No. 648/2004 - Annex VII - Section D

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A toilet before and after descaling with durgol

International distribution of durgol

durgol products are sold worldwide by selected distributors. A list of our distributors is available here.

Customer review

Elena Stutz
As a plumber, I rely on durgol to remove every bit of limescale that’s left over after the water softener has done its work. durgol makes my bathroom gleam like it’s brand new.

– Elena Stutz –

Mächler Susanne
I only ever use durgol – it’s simply the best descaling product.

– Mächler Susanne –

Andreas Götschi
I use: durgol universal (fast descaler), durgol kitchen cleaner, durgol bathroom cleaner, durgol universal bio (multi-purpose descaler) and durgol forte (WC) – and I’m more than satisfied!

– Andreas Götschi –

Anita Höfferer
I know that durgol is good for me and my home, so I always use it

– Anita Höfferer –

Monika Osterwalder
durgol is great, it’s the best descaler I know – and the kitchen cleaner is awesome as well

– Monika Osterwalder –

The perfect product for any descaling job

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