Limescale and dirt in the bathroom – what now?

Products by durgol remove limescale and dirt in your bathroom rapidly and thoroughly. With durgol, limescale is no longer a problem.

Shower head

If your shower head is clogged with limescale and the water is spraying in all directions, it needs descaling. For the best result, unscrew the shower head and place it in a container filled with a descaling solution (pure or diluted with water at a ratio of 1:1). We recommend durgol universal or durgol universal bio.

Shower, bathtub, 
shower wall and shower cabin

After cleaning, use a squeegee to prevent unsightly water marks on the shower wall and cabin. To clean places that are contaminated with heavy limescale or dirt, we recommend durgol bathroom cleaner.

Toilet, sink, fittings and taps

Dull surfaces and fittings are a clear sign that you need to descale your bathroom. We recommend a special descaler, such as our durgol bathroom cleaner or durgol universal. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse all surfaces with cold water.


Before cleaning, wet your tiles with cold water to protect the joints. We recommend using durgol bathroom cleaner for efficient cleaning, and then rinse the cleaned surfaces with cold water.

Toilet bowl and cistern

To clean the outside and inside of your toilet bowl and cistern, use the right cleaning and descaling agents separately. For the inside of the bowl and the cistern, we recommend durgol forte ; for the toilet seat (outside), use durgol bathroom cleaner. Thoroughly wipe the toilet seat with a wet cloth after cleaning.

Tap filter

For a powerful jet – because nobody likes a trickle. Unscrew the filter and place it in a container filled with a descaler (e.g. durgol universal or durgol universal bio) . Rinse thoroughly after descaling.

Toothbrush glass

Limescale residue is particularly unsightly in toothbrush glasses. Regularly descale the glass using a diluted or undiluted descaling agent; e.g. durgol universal or durgol universal bio. Afterwards, thoroughly rinse the glass with cold water.

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With durgol, limescale is no problem. Find the right product here.
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