History of the durgol brand

For years, durgol has been the reliable helper in the fight against limescale. The high quality Swiss product removes limescale quickly and thoroughly. For a well-kept household and perfectly maintained household appliances – wherever limescale is an unwelcome guest. Find out more about the history of the brand here.

A family business with a tradition going back to 1951

More than 65 years ago, Maria Düring­Keller, grandmother of Düring AG’s three current owners, came up with a big business idea while she was cleaning: In order to rid her toilet, bathtub and taps of stubborn limescale, she took matters into her own hands and developed a highly effective descaling agent – the durgol brand was born. The entrepreneur took to the road in her car and went on a promotional tour. And she did not shy from cleaning the toilets of potential customers herself, while wearing an elegant dress and hat with a veil.

Swiss entrepreneurship

In 1963, her son Walter Düring-Orlob joined the business, bringing in some new impetus. Not only did he build the company’s first professional filling machine, he also developed a new type of descaling agent that offered a unique kind corrosion protection. The product has been used to descale metal objects since 1968. The new product – today known as durgol express – quickly became a Swiss market leader.

The secret to success

durgol is synonymous with Swissness, dependability and the best quality. Since 1951, durgol products have continued to undergo development to ensure they remain highly effective, thorough and environmentally friendly.
The product range, starting with the tried-and-tested universal descaler, was expanded to include special descalers for household appliances, offering an added benefit beyond descaling.

Available in more than 40 countries

The products have impressed consumers. durgol, the market leader in Switzerland and Austria, is also popular beyond borders and available in more than 40 countries. Despite this international success, the cleaning product manufacturer has always remained true to its roots – durgol is developed and produced exclusively in Switzerland.