durgol brand values

What distinguishes the durgol brand? Why use durgol? durgol is synonymous with Swissness, dependability and the best quality.


  • durgol has been the “Original Swiss descaler” since Maria Düring-Keller developed the highly effective descaling product in 1951.
  • The company’s products have always stayed true to their Swiss roots. Today, all durgol products are still developed and produced in Switzerland (in Dällikon, north of Zurich) and distributed worldwide.
  • Not only the contents, but most of the packaging is also produced in Switzerland.


  • As a pioneer in descaling solutions, durgol develops proven products that remove the limescale particularly efficiently and thoroughly, without damaging the materials.
  • These reliable helpers from Switzerland are suitable for all kinds of household applications, work five to 10 times faster than vinegar or citric acid, and deliver a level of cleanliness you can see in your household.

A leader in quality

  • durgol is the market leader for descaler products in Switzerland and Austria. durgol products constantly undergo testing and further development.
  • Since durgol products were introduced in 1951, the quality has continued to increase in order to meet high standards of effectiveness, thoroughness and environmental friendliness.

More information about the history of the durgol brand in the following brand video: