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With durgol, limescale is no problem. Find the right product here.
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Three expert tips for coffee machine maintenance

  1. Descale your coffee machine every three months with durgol swiss espresso
  2. In between descaling sessions, clean the water tank with washing-up liquid to prevent bacteria from accumulating. 
  3. Avoid household remedies, such as citric acid or vinegar, as they are less efficient and usually do not remove limescale completely.

durgol or household products? What is more effective?

durgol has clear advantages over household remedies like citric acid or vinegar, which are not recommended for a gentle and effective descaling of appliances. Compared with professional descalers like durgol, household remedies are less effective and usually do not get rid of limescale completely.

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The perfect solution even for stubborn limescale

Customer review

Kurt K.
I use durgol swiss espresso exclusively to descale my coffee machine.

– Kurt K. –

Emi Fukahori „Schweizer Barista Meisterin 2015“
The quality of my coffee and the cleanliness of my espresso machine are very important to me. With durgol swiss espresso, I can descale the machine easily and quickly. This is the only way I can have high quality coffee at all times.

– Emi Fukahori „Schweizer Barista Meisterin 2015“ –

Kurt K.
I use only durgol universal bio to descale my boat – for the sake of our environment.

– Kurt K. –

Martina S.
Without durgol swiss espresso, my coffee would not be so enjoyable.

– Martina S. –

Christian M.
No more unsightly limescale deposits thanks to durgol forte! We are never using a different product again.

– Christian M. –

Nicole M.
With durgol universal, I descale my household appliances in no time at all: the kettle, the taps, even the shower head. The product is extremely effective, yet gentle on the materials.

– Nicole M. –

Anita Rambaldi
I use durgol bathroom cleaner when I’m cleaning the bathroom. It removes limescale spots quickly and easily, and gives the surfaces a brilliant shine.

– Anita Rambaldi –

Elena Stutz
As a plumber, I rely on durgol to remove every bit of limescale that’s left over after the water softener has done its work. durgol makes my bathroom gleam like it’s brand new.

– Elena Stutz –

Rebecca Krüsi
I love durgol swiss espresso. The coffee simply tastes better again after the descaling process, and thanks to durgol, my coffee machine will last for longer, too.

– Rebecca Krüsi –

Keusch Nadja
durgol is the best descaler for the steamer, and it has the perfect measure!

– Keusch Nadja –

Mächler Susanne
I only ever use durgol – it’s simply the best descaling product.

– Mächler Susanne –

Andreas Götschi
I use: durgol universal (fast descaler), durgol kitchen cleaner, durgol bathroom cleaner, durgol universal bio (multi-purpose descaler) and durgol forte (WC) – and I’m more than satisfied!

– Andreas Götschi –

Very satisfied :) Especially when it comes to the kitchen cleaner for the induction stovetop. Cleans everything in a single wipe :)

– Mary –

Barbara Rychen
Fast and thorough.

– Barbara Rychen –

Bernhard Zeller
durgol universal is my favorite! I use my water heater a lot and thanks to durgol express it’s always clean in a flash!

– Bernhard Zeller –

Anita Höfferer
I know that durgol is good for me and my home, so I always use it

– Anita Höfferer –

Renate Ribler
If it weren’t for durgol, coffee would have stopped coming out of my machine long ago and that would have been bad

– Renate Ribler –

Monika Osterwalder
durgol is great, it’s the best descaler I know – and the kitchen cleaner is awesome as well

– Monika Osterwalder –

Limescale quiz

Are you a limescale expert?

Select the right answer. If you click the correct answer three times, you are a true limescale expert. And if not, we will help you become one.

Reply A

“Hard” water (lime-rich water) exists only in the mountains


Reply B

“Hard” water is bad for you


Reply C

“Hard” water can damage coffee machines


Reply A

Limescale increases the energy consumption of appliances


Reply B

Limescale increases the service life of kitchen appliances


Reply C

Limescale is bad for the environment


Reply A

Limescale does not promote the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria


Reply B

Limescale and grease residue can be removed at the same time with a single durgol product


Reply C

Household remedies, such as vinegar and citric acid, will always be the most efficient descalers


Frequently asked questions

  • Hard water is formed when rainwater seeps through calciferous rock strata and is enriched with calcium carbonate. This hard water enters our households as tap water. When it is heated or allowed to evaporate, limescale forms.
  • You can use the internet to find out how hard the water is in your region.
  • The acidic components in the descaler dissolve the limescale. You can see the intensity of the reaction in the amount of bubbles generated.
  • The effectiveness of a descaler largely depends on its acidic component. If used at the right dosage, an ideal descaler achieves a fast and complete descaling effect while providing maximum protection to the materials.
  • Limescale inside the machine increases the brewing time and impedes the heat transfer, thus lowering the quality of your coffee.
  • Over time, limescale accumulates inside the machine and eventually blocks it entirely. It also has a corrosive effect on the components of your coffee machine. These effects can damage the machine.
  • Limescale increases the energy consumption of your coffee machine, which places a greater burden on the environment.

We recommend that you descale your coffee machine regularly and before excessive amounts of limescale can accumulate – ideally, every three months.
=> To ensure the highest quality of coffee and a long service life for your machine.

Lime is important for us humans...

  • Lime in general is not bad. In fact, it is even healthy for us humans, because it contains calcium that promotes bone formation, for instance. This is why hard water is good for the human body.

Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect on our household goods...

  • Hard water leaves an unpleasant limescale residue when it evaporates or heats up.
  • Limescale can impede the heat transfer capacity of appliances, thus increasing their energy consumption.
  • Limescale promotes the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria.
  • Limescale can impede the functioning of appliances, such as kettles and coffee machines, and shorten their service life.
  • Limescale can impede the functioning of household appliances, such as kettles and coffee machines, and shorten their service life. Limescale in coffee machines can clog ducts, which considerably decreases the service life of the appliance. The service life of kettles can also suffer due to overheating and damage to the electrical components. durgol dissolves limescale gently and efficiently. 
  • To descale your appliances gently, household remedies such as citric acid or vinegar should be avoided. They are less efficient and normally do not remove limescale completely.
  • Products containing citric acid can form an insoluble sediment that ultimately leads to problems with the descaled appliances.
  • Products containing vinegar dissolve softening agents contained in plastics, particularly seals, making them brittle. They also leave an unpleasant taste.
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