durgol® swiss espresso®Special decalcifier for all coffee machines

durgol swiss espresso is a special decalcifier for high-quality coffee machines of all brands. durgol swiss espresso provides equally excellent results with fully and semi-automatic machines, piston machines and machines with coffee pod or capsule systems.

  • Easy and safe to use: one small bottle – i.e. one portion of durgol swiss espresso – is exactly the right dosage required to thoroughly decalcify your coffee machine
  • Guarantees effortless and fast decalcification, no waiting time
  • Has a proven cleaning effect and removes 99.9% of the bacteria (Bacillus subtilis)
  • Ensures best-quality coffee
  • Extends the life span of your coffee machine thanks to its special machine care and protection formula
  • durgol swiss espresso leaves no residue – your coffee machine is food-safe after decalcification and rinsing
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